10 of my Top Street Style Trends of 2017

December 27, 2017

Ahhh 2017, a year of...well pure insanity. The political world is in disarray, the Instagram algorithm turned the blogging industry upside down and the Kardashians played us with their Christmas advent photos, where is Kylie avec bump??!! Is Kris Jenner keeping her in a basement at Kim's giant new house away from all social media?

With the world in flames (almost literally let's not forget about global warming) thank god the fashion world had such bloody great street style trends!

Obviously my favourite trend ever: Millennial pink 

Since we Millennials can't get jobs, mortgages or affordable university it's nice to have a colour that's our own.  


Spring brought us a whole lotta embroidery, we put flowers and little bugs and the occasional tiger on everything from our jeans to our bags. 

Spring also gave us slogans! What started as just the occasional slogan tee turned into slogan everything! Everything that could be embroidered could also have a slogan slapped on it, remember those Pinko bags that were one big combination of the two. The slogan trend is still going strong this winter with Bella Freud kicking off the slogan sweater trend. 

Let's talk prints:
Summers huge Gingham trend had us reaching into our dads BBQ-ing aprons and our mothers picnic blankets. 

Tea dresses allowed us to just throw on one dress everyday until autumn when we threw on the same dress with maybe a cardigan and some ankle boots. Tea dresses were the perfect trend for all the lazy stylish gals (and lets be real, that's all of us)  

Another accessory we might add to the tea dress is the baker boy hat! Autumn saw us all dressing up as a little boy from the 40s. 

Military coats: always a classic for autumn but easily one of top trends this year, read my Military style breakdown here

Speaking of coats; aviator jackets came back to us for winter again this year!!! A trend that kept me super cosy in Venice. Coats became bigger and bigger with XXL puffer jackets and fur coats that turned you into one big ball of floof have taken centre stage. 

However sunglasses went teeny tiny. Minuscule sunglasses were the ultimate accessory, used in every blogger flat lay and featured on every Kardashian face. The smaller and more extreme cat eye the better. 


Honourable mentions: 2017s must haves

Gucci, jeez they've done well this year! They've got me to buy a Gucci belt, bag and about 500 dupes.








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