A Pampering Night Time Skin Care Routine With Yes To

November 1, 2017


If you have read really any of my blog posts you'll know I love to rave about skincare! Looking after my skin really is an act of self-care for me, allowing me to relax and thus benefiting my body and soul.

As the number one mask brand in America, Yes To really know what they're doing with skin care. And as someone with quite sensitive skin, I've been trialling their Yes To Cotton range which is designed for ultra-sensitive and allergy prone skin. The cruelty free range contains cotton extract and cotton seed oil (something I hadn’t heard of in skin care before!) which acts to soothe skin while putting up a barrier against irritation, yes please! 


So I start with the wipes to take off the majority of my face makeup, I love wipes to take off my eye makeup and make a start on getting my face squeaky clean. The wipes are made in part from scraps in cotton shirt manufacturing, saving on water, energy, greenhouse gas emissions and preserving land!  



Then I move onto the new comforting micellar cleansing water. I love the easy to use applicator for this but I especially love that it cleanses tones and moisturises all in one! Drawing out impurities without drying out the skin is perfect when you have combination-dry skin like I do, especially in these colder months. A little hack is to really massage with the water on a cotton ball around the eye area, it brings blood to your face to give you a lovely glow and it reduces puffiness under your eyes.

I don't know about you, but when I take my makeup off with a face wash I go to dry my face on a nice white towel and suddenly the towel is covered in makeup! Even when I've scrubbed at my skin for ages! I did a t-shirt test after taking my makeup off with the Yes To Cotton wipes and cleansing water and here are the results:



No makeup on my favourite white tee!!
My face also isn't bright red from intense cleansing! I used to use a brush to deep cleanse my skin every day, and while that's great and gets your skin really fresh it's also very rough, I love the gentle cleanse I get with the Yes To Cotton range.

Now I'm a huge fan of treating myself, (as I'm sure you already know from my horrific spending addiction broadcast across my social channels.) So how could I resist a good mud mask? This mask leaves skin calm, soft and hydrated. Plus It’s formulated with no parabens, SLS and silicone's! I love a pampering experience as a reward for taking such good care of my skin! 


Time for a tea break! A clean skin hack is to drink hot lemon water, it works to detox the skin from the inside out, helping to prevent bad skin days caused by diet.


Is there anything better than a super clean face?? No I don't think so either! 

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This blog post contains sponsored content but as always all opinions are entirely my own! Xoxo  



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