My Fashion Blogging Essentials

October 10, 2017


Blogging is often talked about (a little condescendingly) in the media as a hobby that anyone can do. Cosmo once wrote that all you need is 'a couple primark tops and an iphone' apart from the obvious archaic tone this just isn't the reality. 

So I'm going to talk about all my blogging essentials, what I use them for and why I love them. I am a full time blogger but other than my camera everything I talk about will be relevant to bloggers at all stages! 

Firstly I have a new baby! My Olympus ELP-8 which is regarded as THE camera for fashion blogging. It comes with a pancake lens (14-42mm) and I also got the 45mm lens for ootd shots. In fact the photo above was taken on the 45mm. 

The quality is amazing with both lenses, it's fairly small and compact compared to lugging around a giant DSLR and the screen tilts for capturing flatlays like the one below! 

Here you can see my laptop an obvious essential for writing blog posts although I do sometimes just post from my phone. 'Capture your style' by blogger Aimee Song, always a blogger must have which I will get into later. And of course my optrex eye masks! This is a bit of a random one but I've become rapidly obsessed with these. It struck me that I work out I (try) eating healthy I look after my skin and my hair but no one looks after their eye health until something is wrong! I used to wear glasses designed for reducing damage to eyes that look at screens all day but I just didn't get used to wearing them. So these eye masks are a life saver! They are self heating and calm your tired eyes, I love putting my headspace app on and one of these to relax before bed. 

Fashion books and magazines! We can talk about the relevance of magazines vs. Bloggers another time but magazines can clue you in on up coming trends, I know bloggers do trend reports but few do show reports straight from the catwalks. This isn't particularly essential but it's good to know if you want to be one of the first to produce content featuring the new trends for each season.

Fashion books, much the same is just about educating yourself on the industry. As bloggers we don't necessarily get the experience that publications do so it's important to give yourself a basic education on fashion business and fashion history.

'Capture your style' is neither of these. Specifically targeted towards bloggers this book tells you all the blogging and Instagram tips from its author Aimee Song. If you're interested in blogging and the accompanying social media then you probably already have this book and have read it cover to cover 100 times. Honorary mentions to 'girl boss' by Sophia Amaretto and 'how to be a Parisian' (everything mentioned is linked below)

Flatlays are a big part of blogging. I tend to keep my content to ootd shots, flatlays and detail shots. A huge help when taking product shots/ flatlays is to have flowers at hand. Flowers give a lot of texture and life to a composition and make your flatlays that bit more eye catching. I even use them in my ootd shots too!

Another thing I couldn't live without would be my tripod, you don't always have someone who can take your picture so I love using this for indoor ootds.

Cosmo are half right! You don't 'just' need an iPhone but it is on my essentials list. Particularly for the UNUM app. Such a lifesaver UNUM helps me plan and schedule my Instagram posts, I also use it to schedule photos I haven't yet taken using a brands logo as a placement (if it's sponsored) and maybe a picture of a similar outfit or colour palette that I have planned to see how everything gels before I even go out and shoot! For more on my photo editing I am updating my 'how I edit my photos' post next week with new tips and tricks!


That just about rounds up my blogging essentials! Hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for my updated 'how i edit my Instagram photos' later in the week as well as my ongoing autumn trend round up series!
















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