A Day in the Life of a Blogger/Content Marketer

July 7, 2017


So yesterday my brother started talking about how I have no job and don't do anything. (He isn't currently working by the way he starts his new job in September) I put all this down to the jealous ramblings of someone who's clearly aware they're not the favourite child, but it got me thinking about how little people really know about blogging. It's such a new 'millennial' industry so I thought I would do a little blog post on what it is I actually do.

8am: I am reluctantly waking up after my boyfriend fails to wake up for his alarm and I have to wake him up instead. He gets up and I have a half an hour lie in. Then I'll grab my phone and check all my social media and try to reply to some comments and engage with y'all and check my emails and what my schedule is for the day.

9am: My alarm goes off and I grab my gym kit, flip my unbrushed crusty hair into a pony and sling everything I need into a backpack. I'll go downstairs, have breakfast and give Molly the dog lots of cuddles.

10am: I'll usually leave the house around 10 or half past depending on how much admin I do in the morning and I set off to my 'office' (old room at my dads house) it's perfect because it's surrounded by lots of great shooting locations and there's always someone there for blogger mail deliveries. 99% of the time I'll walk the 50-60 minutes there. The exercise helps to get me focused and gets rid of any stress or anxiety.

11am: I'm in the fridge grabbing a cold drink after getting to my dads, I go into my little Life By Lex HQ and usually I'll start the day with admin work and PR and again going onto social media to engage. I try and go on and comment and like on people's content/reply to comments and messages every hour or so. Not only does this help my own account grow but it keeps me feeling inspired seeing everyone's amazing posts!

12pm: If I'm done with admin and it's still a little too gloomy to shoot then I'll focus on finding inspiration for my projects. This really comes from anything, other bloggers, art, even looking out my window. For a blogger that does a lot of urban street style I get a surprising amount of inspiration from nature. Creating great content isn't really about looking pretty or standing in front of glamorous backdrops (although the backdrops are pretty fun) it's really about storytelling and creating a unique atmosphere, and nature really makes me feel certain emotions that I want to convey into my work for people to feel when they see my content.

1pm: I force my father to go on a photography walk with me to shoot an ootd shot or 5...or 50..

I'm always asked who takes my photos and it's usually my dad or if I'm meeting my friends or family for something I'll take my camera and drag them to one of my favourite locations to take my photos. I like to have my friends and family take my photos rather than someone more 'professional' (not that these people don't do an amazing job) but because I like to have a lot of creative control over my content and I'd be worried about taking away from my vision by introducing someone else's. After shooting streetstyle I'll come in and shoot any other things that I need to indoors; like flatlays or self portraits and product shots.

2pm: Speaking of creative control I'll choose and edit all my own photos, it's one of my favourite blogger activities to make my photos cohesive and just how I like them. I'm definitely a stickler for a theme to all my photos it's very thereputic to make them all fit together like a constantly evolving puzzle. 

3pm: This is usually where I'll try and head home again I'll usually walk back to clear my head of all the things I still have to do, I'll also usually post my Instagram photo for the day if I'm only posting one around 3 or 4 because this is a decent time for engagement for me plus it's when I have the most free time to work on engagement and replying to all the lovely comments I get. (Thank you guys!xx)

4pm: I'll get home and I'll usually stick the telly on in the background and get back to answering any emails I got during the day, planning sponsored posts for clients and otherwise, planning my to do list for the next day and of course more engagement on Instagram and across my social platforms. This is really what I'll do for the rest of the day in between eating showering and family time.

People think blogging is just getting your camera out and snapping a quick pic but so much goes on behind the scenes and lately we're all having to become way more technical as social platforms introduce more and more complex algorithms. You need to be really educated on how these algorithms work and all the factors you need to utilise for your content to be seen. 

I've been spending a lot more time on twitter recently as I'm making it more bloggery and less just friends and family. I've tried to dabble in growing on Pinterest but I keep getting distracted by pictures of yummy cake!

I do realise that I haven't actually spoken about blog word content in this post about blogging but that's only because I will take a whole day to write a blog post usually on a weekend or if I take a purely admin day.


On top of all this creating you also have to be savvy as to what the rules are with making money off of your content. I'm always attending online tutorials on advertising regulations and what counts as payment and what doesn't as well as tutorials on the aforementioned algorithms, online etiquette with brands and PR. Keeping up to date with blogger and fashion industry news as the industry is constantly evolving.

A little disclaimer: I am absolutely not complaining! I love being busy I love being slightly stressed, I have a lot of ambition and creativity and I'm so lucky to be able to consume myself in an industry where I get to fully utilise those drives every day. This post is simply an informative piece on what my days are actually like. Not as glamorous as you thought huh? I find bloggers are sometimes seen as these people with perfect lives but that's because that's how we try to make it look, it's nice to have a natural 'I woke up like this' feel to your content but it's also important own up to what actually goes behind a post to keep some realism, blogging was born out of magazines falling short on relating to ordinary people, we can't forget that when creating our carefully curated 'lives' on social media. I mean all of my shots are very true, I was dressed like that and I was in that place/ in front of that gorgeous location but at the same time that's all deliberate. I location scout and I choose what location I think would go best with certain outfits or where those locations would look best on my feed. But I like to think that I make it feel like I just happend to walk past this gorgeous place wearing a cute dress.

I could go into a million other things a blogger needs to do behind the scenes but that, for me, really sums up what blogging and content creation is all about, putting in a lot of time and effort to make something look effortless.





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