Full Outfit of Designer Dupes

June 8, 2017

Hi guys! Today I wanted to talk about designer dupes. They're one of my favourite things to wear! I know that there's lots of different opinions on designer dupes; some say that wearing designer dupes is embarrassing because it means you can't afford the real thing, but not all designer dupes are straight copies but more 'inspired by' pieces. Also when you buy designer pieces some people with think you're silly for spending so much on a fashion item. So for those reasons I love designer dupes! They're littered throughout my Instagram and I like to think that you can't spot real from fake!


So here it would seem I am wearing a famous self portrait dress and the rock stud valentinos. This outfit would cost around £985 whereas this look actually cost me around £65!!!

It was a no brainier for me.

So let's talk about this dress! Obviously we all know that blush is my signature colour so I had to get this in blush. It's pretty much a perfect copy of a self portrait dress. I remember seeing Jordan Dunn in this dress and I knew I just had to get it! Then I saw this dress on Pretty Little Thing for £40!


Then my heels: the infamous Valentino rock studs, every blogger has them as a wardrobe essential. And as mentioned before I needed to get them in blush, they would have set me back around £650 but these from SHEIN were £25! 

So there you have it! Designer look at a fraction of a cost. However you feel about designer pieces and designer dupes you really can't go wrong with these two.


I really love finding these kinds of pieces so let me know if you guys love this post and if you want to see more like this!


Also make sure to follow my Instagram to see more designer dupes!! (See if you can spot them) @alexandra.em 


Until next time guys! Xoxo

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