An Instagramers Guide to Boston

September 2, 2016

Where to find Instagram worthy views in Boston USA



While researching what to do in Boston I saw so many guides of touristy museums and the aquarium and historic walking tours. I love all of these things but I wanted to also know the city as if I lived there. To find places that I would enjoy. Restaurants shopping beautiful neighbourhoods etc. Things that would make beautiful photographs for Instagram. I couldn’t find a lot of information about the latter so I found out for myself while I was there and so this post contains touristy things and more locally acclaimed places.


The second option is less glamorous. But the views can be amazing. The roof of a parking lot. This one is in the Quincy market area where you can get this amazing city scape view. It’s also easy to access and free.




Shopping. The most famous high end shopping scene is on Newbury Street. Here you can spend thousands on Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Tiffany’s. Or you can do what I did and get photographs outside these places to look nice for your Instagram. For free. The street itself is so beautiful and I would highly recommend stopping at a café to people watch and just enjoy the view.






Newbury Street is in the Beacon Hill area. No not the one from teen wolf, although I wish it was. Beacon Hill is the most picturesque neighbourhood in Boston, it’s so beautiful to walk around and there’s practically no people compared to the middle of the city.



 Now this one is a museum. The Isabella Stuart is an art museum and gardens and it is absolutely stunning. It’s great if you want a little tropical paradise in the middle of the city. Plus it makes for great photographs.


 For food porn pics not only has the north end of Boston got a great selection of beautiful restaurants and cafes but it is also the Italian section so the food itself is naturally amazing. If you want any Italian food the north end is the place to go.



 Speaking of food an amazing food place to go is Quincy market. It’s essentially a huge corridor filled with stalls of all different foods. Not so much an Instagram opportunity but I just had to include it in this post. It’s definitely a must visit location.








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