100 Hours in Boston Lookbook

August 28, 2016

Day 1: My first day in the city I wore shorts and a long sleeved white top from Hollister. The day wasn’t too hot so the long sleeves worked well with the weather of the day. This outfit is pretty minimalist but it’s the details that I really love. This dog collar style choker from forever 21 and these stunning marble sunglasses really add to the look and make it a little more eye catching and dramatic.



Day 2: The second day we spent in Harvard. It was overcast but humidity was still high so I switched my shorts for high waist jeans from urban outfitters and this inbuilt choker ribbed top from Hollister. Black is a staple colour in the city even in the height of summer. I am not as fashion committed as those who wear black in 90 degree heat so I took the opportunity while it was a little cooler.



Day 3: this day was over 100 degrees and we were walking across the city so I switched the black for a deep rose bodysuit from urban outfitters and back to my staple denim shorts from day 1. This body has a low back which helped to keep cool. I regret wearing these black lace flats, they didn’t blister my feet but they got so hot I was sure they were burning them. The things I do for fashion….




Day 4: I promise I own more than one pair of shorts. I wore an oversized shirt from Superdry. Oversized shirts are so comfortable and breezy in the heat while looking classy and sophisticated. I also wore memory foam trainers, not so much a fashion item but they were an essential for walking around the city for hours. As was a cross body bag, I was in no mood for lugging around a huge tote.


In the evening I changed to jeans as it was getting cooler. And hanging out on this rooftop was getting a little chilly.



Travel guide to the city coming soon.......

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