I Constantly Fell On My Arse For Five Days

February 17, 2016




Or in other words 'My First Time Snowboarding' and winter sports in general.


Growing up in England we deal with the occasional sprinkling of snow that sends the entirity of her majestys kingdom into a complete standstill. And so whenever it came to going on any kind of holiday, my family would automatically navigate towards scolding climates such as Egypt or Morocco. 

Now on my gap year and able to go wherever I so please myself and my travelling companion: boyfriend of 4 ish years,  went to visit his lovely American family in New Hampshire. Which if you didnt know is renouned for its high levels of snow fall. Aparently we actually caught them on a bit of a dry spell, however thier version of a dry spell was the most snow I have ever seen. In the spirit of the season we spent 5 days on the slopes of Bretton Woods Mountain Resort. I spent half my time on the learning quarter and the other half inside where the food and wifi was to be found.

After mastering the basics such as 'how to stand up' and 'how to not scream in terror when the board starts to slide anywhere' i started going up to the top of the learning slope and hurtling down at what felt to me like 1000X the speed of light, but what most likely looked like to everyone else as a nervous looking ski jacket slowly sliding in between falls down a very minimal slope. If said nervous Ski Jacket reached the end with no falls and not too badly shaken from the whole experience the ski jacket would yell 'gnarly!' the only snowboarding jargon the ski jacket is aware of. The ski jacket thinks it is cool. 

if I could compare snowboarding to any other activity that I can actually do it would be yoga. With all its ballencing and aching muscles snowboarding is very similar to yoga except it's the type of yoga held on a plank of wood going down a mountain and I have to say my breathing was not calm or composed in any way. I belive my coccyx is still suffering as a result of my 'tactical falling' (it took me a while to learn to slow down properly.)


However after all the falling and the huge step out of my comfort zone I have to say that snowboarding is now one of my greatest loved activities. Theres something oddly peaceful about it ,which I didnt exactly show in my boarding performances, but it is true. I am already looking forward to being back on a board in the freezing cold screaming at the top of my lungs and being absolutely terrified.


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